Locally-Owned and Operated Animal Hospital

We offer comprehensive veterinary services in a relaxed environment, including diagnostics and surgery.
Your pet's dental health has a direct correlation with his/her overall well-being! We offer cleanings and more!
Just as health-enhancing for our pets as it is for us, this therapy is gaining recognition for its many benefits!
Your furry friend will be in good hands when you need to go out of town – board your dog or cat at Stones River Veterinary Hospital!


“Dr. Barker and Dr. Tepp are so nice! They both treated our pet with the quality of care that we would ourselves. The staff is very nice and welcoming and the facilities are top notch. You can trust your pet at Stones River.”
Bart B.

Advanced Veterinary Care for Your Four-Legged Family Members

Pets have so much to offer us. From their excited, wagging tails greeting you as you walk through the door to their companionship and warmth on a lazy evening, you are your animal's whole world. Show them you love them too with quality veterinary care to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lives.
At Stones River Veterinary Hospital, we provide those superior services that you rely on for the well-being of your cuddly companion.

Paws From All Walks of Life

Whether your furry friend is a newborn or geriatric dog or cat, our accomplished veterinary team is here to provide all the necessary treatments to as many pets as possible. Whatever illness or trauma they may be experiencing, our staff will offer quick relief and promote their rapid recovery.

Our Services

Our passion for pets has instilled in us the desire to provide as many loving services as possible at our comprehensive clinic. We offer everything from general veterinary care and pet dentistry to chiropractic, boarding services and more. With top-of-the-line facilities and an expert staff, you can trust us to carry out any procedure with precision and care. Make us your one-stop destination for all of your pet's needs.