Luxurious Pet Boarding in Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Healthy, Hygienic Housing

Parting with your best friend, even for a short period of time, can be stressful. You want to ensure that your cat or dog is left with the most attentive and loving people out there in a healthy and fun environment. Stones River Veterinary Hospital understands this desire and aims to be a facility you can turn to for peace of mind whenever you may need to leave town without your pet.
Our luxurious pet boarding facility is designed to be a place where you can feel confident about leaving your pet. We keep our pet housing clean and hygienic with climate-controlled air exchange systems that decrease infectious diseases, humidity and odor. Our cat condos have separate litter box rooms to keep their sleeping areas tidy and comfortable.

Spacious and Cozy Accommodations

Our top priority is ensuring the comfort and health of your pet during their stay with us. That's why we have designated areas for cats and dogs of varying sizes. When you drop off your pet, you don't need to worry about your cuddly creature sitting in a cage the whole time. Our spacious amenities are complete with window views and even televisions to mimic the comforts of home and provide sources of entertainment.

Return to a Happy Face

Upon your arrival to pick up your canine or feline friend, you can expect them to be as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as they were when you dropped them off. Our attentive staff makes sure to give each animal the love and attention it needs to stay happy while you're away. Call us today to schedule your boarding service with us. We're excited to get to know your animals and care for them as our own.