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Pet Nutrition in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Managing the Wellness of Your Animal

There are few things that impact your pet’s health and happiness more than his or her diet. Allowing your cat or dog to overeat or consume unhealthy foods can lead to health challenges such as obesity, arthritis and diabetes. Stones River Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to promoting animal wellness by making pet owners aware of the needs of their four-legged friends.

Nutrition Needs

Although your domesticated animals may be members of the family, they should not eat the same foods as family members. Promoting the proper nutrition of your pet starts with controlling what they eat. Avoid giving table scraps to your animals and never let them overeat. Our veterinary specialists are happy to help you develop a diet plan that satisfies the needs of your cat or dog based on breed, weight, age and medical history.
Universal Dietary Constrictions
With all pets, there are certain foods that should be avoided at all costs. Some of them include chocolate, raisins, grapes, garlic and onions. These foods are dangerous to most animals due to toxins that cause organ failure.
Puppy and Kitten Diet
Younger animals are still in the early stages of development and need more nutrient-dense foods. Ask one of our knowledgeable veterinarians which foods we recommend for your pet’s stage of life.
Adult Diet
The amount and type of food your adult pet eats should be based on his or her lifestyle. If your dog has a healthy weight and loves to go for long walks, he will have a higher calorie diet than a lap dog who prefers to sleep the day away. Speak with a pet nutritionist to determine the right food for your animal’s lifestyle.
Senior Diet
As animals age, they become less active and therefore need fewer calories than they used to. Senior pets may also become more sensitive to fat and need more fiber as they get older. Some may continue to eat the same but in smaller portions to compensate for the decline in activity.

Consult With a Veterinarian

If you’re still unsure about how to keep your pet healthy and well, consult with our experienced veterinarians today. We’ll discuss the lifestyle of your animal to come up with a custom diet plan that will keep them vibrant and youthful.